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The Marriage    
        Seminar LIVE

with Guest Speaker   John J. Nealon, Ph.D.

Creating Great Relating

A 4-Disc Audio CD Package for just $79.00!

Dr. Jack Nealon is a therapist, author & speaker who has successfully counseled thousands of couples. In this 4-disc audio book seminar he presents a rich blend of research, teaching, counseling, therapy, ministry, anecdotes, humor, and compassion.

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This audio CD seminar is designed to help couples create healthy, lasting relationships. The seminar is an educational, insightful, and sometimes entertaining discussion of what couples go through in their pursuit of happiness. Here are some of the agenda topics:

  1. Communication (conscious living vs. autopilot, responding vs. reacting,verbal & nonverbal communication, how & when to speak, words & phrases to avoid, how & when to listen, active & pasive listening, P-A-C tool, fair fighting, greeting rituals, love languages).
  2. Relationship nutrients (listening, touch, kind words, loyalty, unconditional love, support, validation, appreciation, praise, thoughtfulness, faithfulness, kindness, patience).
  3. Relationship toxins (anger, criticism, control, unfaithfulness,passive/aggressiveness, abuse, backstabbing, withholding sex, demanding sex).
  4. Emotional maintenance (voice in safeplace, private thoughts and feelings, healthy intimacy, childhood blueprint, parent tapes, emotional baggage, emotional pressure cooker, trauma & wounding, relationship core temperature, emotional healing & recovery, support system, journaling,empty chair, projection, transference/counter-transference, idealization).
  5. Description of individual health issues that impact successful relating (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).
  6. Identification of individual and relationship needs (including healthy ways to meet needs, as well as common counterfeits).
  7. Discussion of symptoms that arise in the presence of unmet needs (i.e. self-medicating via food, sex, alcohol, illegal & legal drugs, gambling, shopping, TV).
  8. Trouble-shooting (clinical issues, relating in home / church / workplace / community, divorce statistics & trends, checkpoints, counseling & therapy process, children & parenting, blended families, time & stress management, golden rules).

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